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The Remote Module is an optional accessory that you can purchase.   This module simplifies installation of the BIC Remote functions.  It saves you the effort of soldering wires and mounting the switch and LED separately as well as finding and obtaining all the material you will need for these functions.    With the Remote Module, the only installation effort necessary will be limited to the following:
  1. Mounting the small enclosure with two screws.
  2. Cutting the black ground wire to length, strip and crimp a terminal lug on the end, and then attaching it to a suitable chassis ground.
  3. Routing the remaining three wires to the BIC and cutting them to length.
  4. Strip the Orange and Green wires and crimp terminal lugs on them.
  5. Connect the Orange and Green wires to the appropriate BIC terminals.
  6. Connect the fuse holder wire terminal lug to the BIC and splice the red wire to the fuse holder using only pliers.
  7. Secure the wire bundle in place using ty-wraps and/or clamps.

This Remote Module consists of a small plastic enclosure (1" x 1.5" x 2") with a three position, locking toggle switch mounted and wired with a Remote LED.  The module has two mounting ears and four color coded wires (about 10 feet) exiting the rear.  The black wire is cut to length (by you), terminal lug crimped and then connected to the chassis.  The remaining three wires are routed through the firewall and cut to length.   The Orange wire is connected to the Remote Switch terminal.  The Green Wire is connected to the Remote LED terminal.  And the Red wire is spliced to the fuse wire which is connected to either terminal "A" or "C" for the backup installation.

After this simple installation, you will now have three Remote positions:

ON - Towards the LED; Combines the backup battery for winching or backup starting, etc...

Automatic - Center Position; Normal operating position for automatic charge and isolation.

OFF - Away from the LED; Disables the automatic function and keeps the batteries Not combined.


The LED mounted in the module will provide an indication of the system status.




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