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Battery Isolator / Combiner Models:

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Outboard Motor with Backup Battery:

Outboard motors often have only two wires from the motor.  Designed to connect directly to a starting battery, the outboard motor likely will have the alternator and starter connected to these wires internally.  This is an obvious usage of an internal sense alternator.  The BIC series are ideal for dual battery usage with this type of system.  With the very low ON resistance of the BIC-75300, you can use a backup battery (kept fully charged automatically through the BIC and isolated from main battery loads) and ready to use in starting and operating your boat when the main battery lacks sufficient power.  

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With this setup, the Backup Battery will maintain maximum alternator charge voltage due to the BIC-75300 very low ON resistance.  If the alternator quits or the main battery otherwise is drained, the backup battery will stay charged and ready to use.  In a situation like this, simply flip the Remote Switch to ON and the backup battery will supply starting and operating power to your gasoline outboard motor.  



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