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New Stuff

Battery Isolator / Combiner Models:

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DC Solid State Relays:

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New Products!

From Hellroaring Technologies:

New versions available:  The BIC-95150B and BIC-95300B.  These units function the same as the "A" version noted below, except that they have transient suppression, the Sense Resistor, and external diode built-in to the unit.   This makes for an even simpler, cleaner installation.  For this advantage, there is just minimal tradoffs.  With the BIC-95300B, this is essentially dedicated to a backup battery setup or a marine type install where the alternator is connected like a traditional diode isolator, (but without the diode drops).  Because the BIC-95300B can not be re-configured for an auxiliary battery isolation method like the "A" version can.  So, if you are not certain which configuration you want, the "A" version may be better.  If you are certain the the Backup battery setup, or the marine type install is what you want, then, the BIC-95300B is a better choice.  The BIC-95150B is excellent when mounted within about 10 feet from the alternator.  If you need to mount it further than that, then you could use larger input wire to the BIC or choose the BIC-95150A version and run the Sense wire over the distance.

Improved versions of our BIC's, the models BIC-95150A and BIC-95300A.  These units are identical to the BIC-75150A and BIC-75300A units except that the BIC-95xxx units have <  50% of its ON resistance or 30% lower than our BIC-85xxx series units.  This lower ON resistance allows them to handle slightly higher continuous current.

Opto-Isolated Solid State Relays.   Designed for high current dc power/load switching applications. 

New!!  Dual Control, Dual output SSR's.   Two of these are ideal for medium current dc polarity reversal applications. 

New!  Fast switching SSR's with switching transition times of under 2 uS.  Also with undervoltage shutdown and overcurrent shutdown features.


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