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Solid State Relays:

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Solid State DC Switching

Switch low voltage loads from milliamps to 100 amps continuous or 200 amps (short term) at 20% duty cycle with 12 volt supply voltages with a Hellroaring Solid State Relay.  At 12 volts, they can switch up to 300 amps peak for 5 seconds with 1% Duty cycle.  With up to 80 amps continuous switching at 24 volts, they are ideal for 12 volt and 24 volt battery or power supply source high current load switching applications where the control input return can be common to the power source.   The SSR-10300A can switch dc loads on the high side or the low side.  The SSR-10300-HS can switch dc loads on the high side only.

These SSR's are very compact (< 2 inches high) for the current handling capability and can find usage in power control instrumentation, production test equipment, or other power distribution or switching systems.  They are ideal for applications where mechanical vibration causes mechanical solenoids excessive chatter or where the number of switching operations needs to be dramatically increased over the product lifetime. For example, the use of a Hellroaring SSR,  in a vehicle mounted switched computer power supply, can eliminate power drop outs due to vibration.  Or, a battery powered sporting clay thrower can experience longer switching life and less down time by using our solid state solution.   

The Hellroaring SSR's utilize integrated heat sinks and are ready for operation to the full specified rating.  They save the labor and cost associated with "additional assembly required" to achieve the full ratings.

SSR-10300A  -  High or Low side switching.


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SSR-10300-HS  -   High Side Switching only. 

This unit does not require an external power connection.  If your application needs high side switching only, then you can achieve your objective with slightly less installation labor and cost.

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(The SSR-10300A has an additional power terminal)

With forced air cooling, the continuous current load can be extended by up to 12%.

Download the instructions and specifications for the SSR-10300 models.

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