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Battery Isolator / Combiner Models:

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Battery Isolator / Combiner

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Note: This page will be updated soon with more details on our new versions, the BIC-85150A (which replaced the BIC-75150A), BIC-95150A, and BIC-95150B.  Essentially, these models are the same except that the BIC-85xxx has an improved ON resistance by 30% less, and the BIC-95xxx has an improved ON resistance by 50% less.  This means even less heat generated!   So, they can handle incrementally higher continuous currents.  The BIC-95300B goes on to provide built-in Transient Suppression, and the Sense resistor, and external diode built-in to the unit.  So, this makes for an even simpler, cleaner install.   Should you have questions regarding the differences, feel free to send e-mail or call with your questions.  Because the Sense function is built-in to the "A" terminal of the BIC-95150B, there is no Sense terminal on this model...   See the image below.

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Click this link to download the instructions (.pdf)

This device allows you to isolate your starting battery from all your deep cycle or accessory loads and provide the most efficient charging to both battery systems.   Probably the best connection method is to connect your starting battery only to your starter circuit.  Then isolate this circuit from all other loads and your deep cycle battery using the BIC-75150A.     A starting battery rarely accepts more than 60 amps from an alternator.   The BIC-75150A can handle this very well.  And since all your accessory loads and deep cycle batteries are connected directly to your alternator, you can use any size alternator!  A 300+  Amp alternator will not affect the BIC-75150A battery isolator / combiner when connected in this way!


Use it for : 

  • Vehicle starting battery isolation.
  • Faster charging of your Deep Cycle battery banks with high output alternators.
  • RV / Trailer / Camper deep cycle battery isolation / starting boost.
  • 4x4 / RV security auxiliary battery / Winch boost.
  • Cold weather starting boost.
  • Dual battery installations for Power Audio systems.
  • Starting Battery isolation for boats.  
  • Trolling Motor battery charging from Outboard Motors.
  • Automatic "Low Battery" cutoff circuits.


Hellroaring BIC-75150A

Premium Quality Features:

  • Designed for automotive and marine, 12 Volt negative ground systems only.
  • Automatic Electronic Isolation (switches ON when charge voltage is available. Switches OFF when the voltage drops below any surface charge.  Switching voltages can be modified from standard settings with the use of an external resistor if desired. )
  • Very low voltage drop (No diode effect! Functions like a heavy duty relay.)
  • Rated for 75 Amps continuous; 150 Amps short term.
  • Configured for starting battery isolation, can be used with alternators with greater than 300 amp outputs.
  • Very low operation current (< 0.012 A when ON, < 0.0005 A when OFF.)
  • Built-In LED indicator. (Provides diagnostics of battery system)
  • Output connection for a Remote LED indicator.
  • Remote Switching Capability (for convenient starting boost) to ON, Automatic, or OFF.
  • Compact Size (less than the size of similar rated diode isolators or other combiners.)
  • Simple installation (Works great with internal sense alternators.)
  • Upgradable (You can increase current handling capability simply by adding a second BIC-75150A in parallel.)
  • All Solid State Design (No mechanical parts to wear out.)
  • Premium Quality Solid Brass (tin plated) Terminals with large surface contact area ( for maximum current transfer. )
  • Hex Base Terminal Design (for strength.  Only a nutdriver needed to tighten!)
  • Premium Quality Stainless Steel signal terminals.
  • Can be used for switching industrial electronic 12 volt dc loads.
This is what you get when you order the BIC-75150A: BIC-75150A-kit-small.jpg (21503 bytes)
BIC-75150A unit (With 1/4-28 Terminal Studs)
Sense Resistor
Small external diode
Terminal lugs
Nuts, 1/4-28 & 6-32
Heat Shrink
Sheet Metal Screws
Ground wire with fuse holder and terminal lug
Fuse, 3A
Nylon Cable clamps
Nylon tie wraps
Nylon Cap Nuts for insulation


Click here for the BIC Specifications.


A Remote Module is available as a purchase option.: Remote Module small.jpg (18551 bytes)


You can purchase your fuses or circuit breakers locally.  Or, you can purchase a 50 amp, manual reset dc circuit breaker from us added to your order. Order CB-50A.: Breaker 50A smaller.jpg (2575 bytes)


Hellroaring BIC FAQ

Our BIC-95150B and BIC-95300B units are the most current version. The BIC-95150B is suitable for the Auxiliary battery setup or the Start side isolation method. The BIC-95300B is most suitable for the Backup battery setup.



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