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Battery Isolator / Combiner Models:

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50 amp circuit breaker

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Automatic Battery Isolator/Combiners



Save Money; Enjoy added Security

Achieve Battery Isolation with:

  • Efficiently achieve the fastest charge rates for your RV deep cycle battery banks

  • Detect poor battery connections early (before your battery is damaged due to an extended undercharged condition)

  • Avoid expensive tows due to a  weak or dead starting battery.

  • Operate trailer accessories without disconnecting from tow vehicle.

  • Extend the useful life of your starting batteries with starting power confidence.

  • Have backup starting power while in the boondocks.

  • Enjoy starting boost power during cold weather.

  • Simplify and automate your dual or triple battery charging system on your marine watercraft.

  • Automatic Charging of two or three batteries.

  • High Output Alternators (even 300+Amp)

  • Self Jump Starting capability.

  • Backup Starting and Operating.

  • Batteries of different age or type.

  • Very Low Resistance Solid State Switching (no diode effect).

  • Limiting of inrush current; No more stuck or welded relay contacts!

  • Significantly Less Power Dissipation than diode isolators.

  • Less mounting space required.

  • Battery/Charging system monitoring indication.



We offer battery isolator/combiners, available in two models.   These are no ordinary isolators or combiners!   In addition to automatic combination when charge voltage is available, they have the ability to combine the batteries with a small remote switch as well as provide diagnostic information on your battery system via a remote LED.   Check out all the links and learn about batteries, charging, starting, isolation, voltage drops, installation tips etc...

Click here to Learn why you should choose a Hellroaring Isolator/Combiner!

Note: The BIC-95150B and BIC-95300B are our most current versions.  We also sell the models BIC-85150A, BIC-85300A, BIC-95150A, and BIC-95300A These "A" models have superseded our original BIC-75xxx models.  These are form, fit, and function identical except they are more thermally efficient with lower ON resistances.  Our "B" models have taken it a step further with built-in Sense Resistor and Transient Suppression.

Battery Isolator/Combiner, model BIC-95300A

This is the most versatile battery isolator or combiner on the market today! The BIC-95300A has all the same features and capability of the BIC-95150A plus the ability to be configured for maximum auxiliary cranking or winch current or the ability to connect a third battery in your system.    It is ideal for the following applications:

Tow vehicle and trailer three battery system configured with:

  • Starting Battery

  • Vehicle Auxiliary battery with no normal loads.

  • Deep Cycle Trailer battery

  • Hellroaring BIC-95300A

4 x 4 vehicle configured with:

  • Starting Battery

  • Auxiliary Battery

  • Winch system and or Off road lighting.

  • Hellroaring BIC-95300A

Hunting Vehicle (Pickup, SUV - Sport Utility Vehicle) equipped with:

  • Starting Battery

  • Emergency Start Auxiliary Battery

  • Hellroaring BIC-95300A

Vehicle with Super Audio System configured with:

  • Starting Battery

  • Deep Cycle Auxiliary Battery for long play and or high power audio

  • Hellroaring BIC-95300A

Marine Watercraft - Boats configured with:


Battery Isolator/Combiner , model BIC-95150A

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This is a lower cost version of the BIC-95300A.    This battery Isolator is designed for dual battery setups on 12 V, negative ground systems.   It is ideal where you need to isolate your starting battery from your deep cycle loads even with high output alternators and large deep cycle battery banks.   It allows you to connect large deep cycle battery banks directly to your alternator for the highest charge rates practical!   The units are designed for very low and insignificant voltage drop for full battery charging.   Both models have no mechanical moving parts!   They are used in automotive, marine, RV, 4x4, and industrial or consumer load switching applications.   They are rated for the maximum auxiliary load, regardless of alternator output rating!   Click on each link for technical details - BIC-95150A   or  BIC-95300A.


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