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For Ultra High Power Audio Amplifiers up to 3000+ W rms *

* Depends on your alternator output and wire size and lengths.

This is perhaps the simplest, most practical, and economical setup for ultra high power audio amplifiers.   The reason you need a second battery in the first place is to have starting power if you run your battery down.   So why not orient your setup with this objective in mind.   That is, always having a fully charged backup battery capable of cranking your gasoline engine.   With this installation, the only power going through theBIC-75300A-small.jpg (19715 bytes) battery isolator/combiner is the backup battery charging current or starter cranking current when needed.   Therefore, any alternator size (even 300 A) is compatible with the battery isolator/combiner.   We suggest you use a super deep cycle battery capable of cranking your engine such as the Optima Yellow Top as you primary battery and any starting battery with the required CCA rating as your backup.    With this installation, you can crank a typical gasoline V8 engine even with a fully discharged primary battery.  For the backup starting configuration on a Diesel Engine, 2 units in parallel will be needed.


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Figure 1



If you are not experienced with electrical installations, we suggest you seek professional assistance.



  • Optimized for Maximum Amplifier Current with Backup Starting Power.
  • No diode voltage drop effect when ON!   Super low ON resistance (less than 0.002 ohms!)
  • External solenoids NOT required.  
  • Compatible with very high output alternators (even 300 Amp).
  • Easy, simple to understand, installation!  
  • Simple automatic charge/isolation operation!   Virtually free of human intervention!    No hassle, worry free.
  • If you draw down your primary battery (leaving your lights ON, playing audio too long, etc...), you can start your own vehicle right away by using the remote switch function, then your alternator will begin charging both batteries!  
  • You can start and operate your engine even if your main battery connections become open circuited due to corrosion or other causes!
  • The Hellroaring BIC-75300A and BIC-75150A limit inrush currents when switching.  No arcing contacts to wear out!
  • Very compact size (3" x 4.75" x 2.0").
  • Excellent for extreme cold weather starting.   Simply switch ON the Remote Switch function.
  • The Remote LED will give an indication that alternator output is exceeded.
  • Relatively Low Cost.


  • Your main battery should be a combination deep cycle/starting type.

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