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Our Opto-Isolated SSR's Page 

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Opto-Isolated SSR's
Common Ground SSR's
Custom Applications
Transient Suppressors for SSR's
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Solid State DC Relays:



See our DC SSR Selection Guide on the previous page:


We have several opto-isolated SSR models.  For those applications where multiple SSR outputs are required, be sure to consider our new Dual control, Dual output models.

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This dual SSR model utilizes the center small terminal for positive control voltage input.  The two outside small terminals when pulled low will switch the corresponding SSR output half.  Therefore, just two of these dual SSR's can be utilized to control polarity reversal such as with forward and reverse motor switching.   The data sheets for these SSRs are still in work. But, feel free to ask for application assistance.  We will be happy to work with you to help you select the best product.


For single switching of higher current loads, our single control opto-isolated SSR's work well.


For temperature reference:  +65C = +149F

Custom SSR’s available. Contact us for your application.


Part number format: SSR-BBBBBCA-XXV-XXC where

SSR = Solid State Relay designation
BBBBB = the base part number
CA, Blank or CA = Common Anode, CC = Common Cathode, N = Phase Leg
XXV = Voltage rating designation, i.e. 30V, 55V, 100V.
XXC = Control Voltage designation, i.e. 5V, 12V, 24V



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