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H-Bridge Driver  

Power Modules:




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This H-Bridge Driver Power Module provides for power switching and reverse polarity outputs with a single power source (and a 5 volt control power).   With a withstand rating of 600 Vdc, it is designed to switch power sources up to about 300 Volts dc and loads up to 50 amps continuous with natural convection or 80 amps continuous with 100 CFM of air flow and ambient air temperatures to +65C.  It can handle switching 125 amps at a 50% duty cycle with 100 CFM of air flow, or 15% duty cycle with natural convection. 

Switching transition rise and fall times are relatively fast (< 10 microseconds).

Although for most applications, it would be best practice to switch off the output prior to switching polarity, the polarity can actually be switched while the output is ON.  The control module ensures the output is OFF prior to switching ON the opposite polarity, thereby preventing a shoot through short circuit. The OFF duration delay during a polarity reversal operation is typically about 200 microseconds.

Power Connections 2 each:  One Positive, One Negative

Output Connections, 2 each:  Normal Positive, Normal Negative

Control Module Power input, 2 each:  5Vdc Positive and Return

Control Module Logic input, 2 each:  One for ON/OFF logic, One for Polarity logic, TTL compatible. For other than TTL drive signals, we have available converter modules such as a 24V to TTL.

Dimensions: 4.8" long, by 7.2" wide, by 7.0" tall.

Weight: 96 Oz., typical.

For more information or technical assistance with your application, please feel free to request assistance.  Just call or send an e-mail.  We will be happy to work with you to help you select the best product.  Other models can be custom made for even higher voltages.






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