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Custom Trucks, & SUV Dual Battery Setups

For Custom Trucks, SUV's that do not have a need for winching, off road lights, snow plows, you can still find a need for a Hellroaring BIC.  The backup battery system still provides starting confidence for those unexpected events of draining your main battery, including the common leaving your lights on scenereo.  

The backup system offers the ideal automatic operation with protection even from alternator failure.  No, it doesn't replace an alternator.   But, when your alternator fails and you can't re-start due to a drained main battery, the backup battery is there fully charged, ready to start the truck and operate the vehicle for the additional time of the backup battery capacity.  In addition, this backup configuration also provides extra starting power during cold weather extremes.

The Hellroaring Dual Battery Setup

Now there is a better system!   The Hellroaring Battery Isolator/Combiner.    The HellroaringBIC-75300A-kit-small.jpg (19094 bytes) Battery Isolator/Combiner model BIC-75300A can be configured for many different applications.   As a backup battery system, it installs very easily.   It will provide high charge rate capability to both batteries.   When the main battery becomes discharged, just flip a micro-switch to energize the backup battery and you can start and operate your gasoline engine.   If your alternator had failed,  and you started your vehicle with jumper cables, your engine would quit very soon after removing the jumper cables!.   Not so with the Hellroaring system.   You should typically have at least 2 hours of operating time with a 50 AH backup battery if you keep unnecessary accessories off.  For vehicles with a Diesel engine, two BIC-75300A units must be connected in parallel for backup starting.

For this backup battery setup, we recommend that you connect all normal operating loads and accessories to the main battery system.   Then connect the backup battery all by itself just for backup.   Connect the Hellroaring Battery Isolator/Combiner to the backup battery and your starter as shown in Figure 1.   And to simplify installation of the Remote functions, we now have available a Remote Module kit as an accessory.

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Figure 1

With this setup, you will have the security of a backup battery fully capable of cranking your gasoline engine even with a completely discharged main battery.  

Read some customer feedback using this setup.


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