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Basic Auxiliary Battery Isolation
(for Power Audio systems)


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With this installation configuration, you will achieve full isolation between your starting battery and deep cycle battery system.   When the engine is running or  when an external charge source is applied to the starting battery, both batteries will receive a charge automatically.  

By using 8 AWG wire between the alternator and deep cycle battery, you can use audio amplifiers that, in normal use, can have peak current draws in excess of 75 amps.  The wire and BIC will tend to limit the alternator current to the deep cycle battery.  When the audio amp draws a peak beyond the 60 to 75 amp level, most of the remaining excess is supplied by the deep cycle battery.  When the peak drops off, the deep cycle battery receives replacement charge current.  This installation method can work well when the average audio amp load is less than 50 amps. 



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