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Hellroaring Technologies, inc.

Polson, Montana  -  USA

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Hellroaring Technologies, inc. designs, manufactures, and sells high quality products such as our dual battery isolator/combiners for use in backup starting of your vehicle or for use in isolation of deep cycle or marine batteries with accessory loads.    We are committed to providing innovative products that adds value.    Our customers are what we value the most and we strive to give you the best in customer service.    We guarantee satisfaction with our products!    We also offer Opto-Isolated High Current Solid State Relays and custom products for specific applications.

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Battery Isolator / Combiners

Our solid state Battery Isolator / Combiners BIC-75150A and BIC-75300A, have been the top choice for the most versatile battery isolation methods since 1998.  You too, can enjoy the benefits of solid state electronics without the drawbacks inherent with typical diode isolators.   These are used in:

  • 4 x 4, off road Vehicles
  • Snow Plow vehicles
  • Boats / Sailboats
  • Car Power Audio systems
  • RV / Trailer systems
  • Hunting Vehicles
  • Other Vehicles where you desire to get out of a sad situation when your starting battery dies or otherwise lacks sufficient power to get you started again.   
  • Ham Radio backup battery systems.
  • Low Battery cutoff circuits.

High Current Solid State DC relays

Our high current solid state dc power relays are integrated onto their own heat sinks so you get full specified performance out of the box. There is no need for you to go through a thermal analysis, select a heat sink, mounting method nor mount them. All of these add to the total cost to your project.  Our SSR's save you from theses additional costs. Our engineering staff will be happy to assist you in achieving optimum power switching selection and configuration on your design project.

The following are some applications that these SSR's can be used.   Contact us for your unique application need. We are happy to help:

  • Test Panel Load Switching fixtures
  • DC Motor forward / reversal switching (4 units)
  • DC Motor with dynamic braking
  • 12 Volt  to 24 Volt power switching (4 units) (Switches 2 each 12 volt battery systems from 12 V parallel to 24 Volt series.)
  • Power Buss control (12 volt or 24 volt systems) Call for higher voltage systems.
  • Battery isolation for 24V systems.
  • DC heaters with proportional controls.
  • General Purpose DC load switching.

Our SSR's can be operated in parallel for even higher current capabilities.

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Our manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters is located near Polson, Montana, overlooking Flathead Lake.    Nearby, Hellroaring Creek and Hellroaring Pass has inspired our name as well as the mountain, upon which appears to have snow engraved in it the letters "HT" which seems to have an ideal perspective only from our location.

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Click on the link for a view of Flathead Lake from the Hellroaring Canyon

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Privacy Statement

We have the utmost respect for your privacy.  We do not collect information from you other than that required for us to conduct business and communicate with you.   We do not sell, share, nor distribute any information or addresses collected from you.  We do not create nor use mass mailing lists.  We communicate with you one to one and utilize voice mail if necessary and e-mail or fax.   We do not use automated, time consuming, non-personalized phone systems.  We ask for and obtain your permission prior to using any communication quoted in our marketing information. 

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Box 1521, Polson, MT 59860
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